Solutions for oil industry

Reliability is a crucial requirement for power supply of production and transportation enterprises in the oil industry. Power supply failure for over 30-60 seconds can cause a breakdown in production for up to several hours.

ZVEZDA-ENERGOСOMPLEX has a vast experience in power plant construction for oil companies which guarantees infallible component part selection, design and installation. Technical specifications of the power plants made by the Company ensure highly reliable and efficient operation.

We create reliable and economic power plants

Carrying out projects based on alternative fuel types

Fuel supply of the energy facilities is an extremely relevant issue for the remote areas of oil production. In such cases diesel is usually used as it can be delivered over large distances both by off-road or helicopters. The fuel shipped by such means are extremely expensive for the costumer. That is why usage of alternative sources as a fuel for generating equipment is rational and efficient.  Such fuels as associated petroleum gas, crude oil and its viscous residues can be applied as alternative sources. This allows to significantly reduce operating costs for receiving electrical and thermal energy.

At present, the company’s experts are finishing technological and technical substantiation for application of mine gas and coke oven gas as a fuel for power generation. To optimize gas handling schemes, the operation of gas-piston power plant utilizing associated petroleum gas is analyzed. Today, ZVEZDA-ENERGOCOMPLEX confidently solves most complex tasks in the area of APG utilization.

Usage of alternative fuel types allows to reduce operating costs significantly

Carrying out projects based on associated petroleum gas

One of the popular direction in oil industry implemented by ZVEZDA-ENERGOСOMPLEX is carrying out projects where associated petroleum gas (APG) is used as a fuel. As of today, the Company’s employees have commissioned 18 facilities based on the APG. The enterprise offers turnkey comprehensive solutions based on gas piston and gas turbine units for various APG compositions, including those containing high sulfur. 
The integrated systems for the APG preparation developed by the Company allow to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of generating equipment operation, even when major changes in the composition and quality of APG are made during its production (which is unavoidable). 
The Company’s team has commissioned 20 objects operating on associated petroleum gas 

power plants operating on crude oil 

One of the new and potential ZVEZDA-ENERGOСOMPLEX’s developments in the field of equipment production for complex fuel types operation is commissioning power plants that use crude oil as a fuel.

However, one must take into account a number of technical characteristics while using such fuel types. These features are: high viscosity; volatile fractions distillation; fuel filtration, a higher content of sulfur, vanadium, aluminum and other harmful additions which increase the engine parts corrosion and reduce its service life. The other problem that might occur is the soot deposits that settle on the turbine. 

We offer the following developed solutions:

  • Power plants, including diesel power plants, with the heat recovery systems and boiler equipment with a capacity from 200 kW to 3 MW;

  • Complex modular and stationary power plants with a capacity from 1 to 100 MW for being used as the main power supply source at deposits and compressor stations;

  • Container and transferable diesel power plants with a unit capacity of up to 1,6 MW for power supply of the construction objects;

  • Automated control systems of the multi-unit power plants and additional container equipment shipment 

Completed Projects
matushka.JPG Customer: Matyushinskaya Vertikal LLC, MOL GROUP
Electric power: 3 MW
Engines: Cummins
Engine number: 2
Fuel: associated gas
Mode: continuous Year of delivery: 2009
Location: North-Ledovoe field
ritek.JPG Customer: RITEK JSC
Electric power: 15MW (7,5 +7,5MW)
Engines: Cummins
Engine number: 10
Fuel: associated gas
Mode: continuous Year of delivery: 2005, 2007
Location: Sredne-Khulymskoe field