Solutions for housing and infrastructure

ZVEZDA-ENERGOCOMPLEX, LLC implements power supply products for both large industrial facilities and housing infrastructure of the Russian remote regions and newly built housing areas.


Having their own sources of heat and electric power makes companies independent from increasing electricity and heat tariffs and availability of power lines, providing reliable and high-quality electric power supply; and in remote towns and settlements it is often the only electricity and heat power source.

  • Reliable power supply;

  • High automation level;

  • Service simplicity and convenience for the maintenance workers;

  • Minimal assembly and commissioning works during installation;

  •  Ability to generate thermal energy.

ZVEZDA-ENERGOCOMPLEX, LLC is properly certified to produce the equipment and provide its service

The advantages of power plants produced by ZVEZDA-ENERGOCOMPLEX

Combined thermal and electrical generation is the core direction of energy-conserving and increasing the efficiency of the primary fuel usage. The main advantages of the power plants produced by the Company are:

  • High energy conversion efficiency;

  • Fuel economy;

  • Resourceful pool of units before their overhaul and write-off;

  • Availability of a heat recovery system (HRS).

Such cogeneration systems increase energy conversion efficiency from 40% to 80-90%. The HRS equipment is a heat exchange complex where heat, which is being carried away with the exhaust gases and diverted from the engine by the cooling system, converts into circulated water’s thermal power.

Thermal power plants equipped with boiler rooms

ZVEZDA-ENERGOCOMPLEX also offers thermal power plants equipped with boiler rooms (boiler capacity is from 0,5 to 18 MW). Containerized boiler rooms have a capacity from 0,5 to 2 MW, whereas the capacity of stationary ones is up to 100 MW.   The modular boiler houses’ capacity is from 2 to 8 MW.

Complex configuration, optimal power mode and united control system of the thermal power plant allows to save up to 20% of the fuel


Backup supply sources of the nuclear power plants

Nowadays an issue of backup supply of nuclear power plants is extremely relevant. Nuclear power plants are hazardous productive facilities. Therefore, the equipment suppliers have to face strict requirements concerning the reliability and quality control of the manufactured products.

The power plants manufactured by ZVEZDA-ENERGOCOMPLEX comply with the internationally accepted standards and norms. This fact allowed the Company, being one of the fist manufacturers of such machinery in Russia, to get licensed to produce the nuclear power plants’ equipment by the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Atomic Supervision. 

The power plants manufactured by ZVEZDA-ENERGOCOMPLEX comply with the internationally accepted standards and norms

Power Centers for agro industrial households

ZVEZDA-ENERGOCOMPLEX offers shipment and manufacture of power centers with the wide range of electrical and thermal capacity for various agro industrial households. The use of the captive power plants for power supply of greenhouses contributes to rich harvest. It is caused by both combined production of power and thermal energy and carbon dioxide utilization in the volume of exhaust gases plant nutrition.

The use of the captive power plants for power supply of greenhouses contributes to rich harvests

We offer the following developed solutions:

  • Power plants, including backup diesel power plants with the heat recovery system and a boiler equipment with a capacity from 200 kW to 3 MW for power supply of large objects;

  • Container, transferable diesel power plants with a single capacity of up to 1600 kW for the power supply of construction sites and objects;

  • Stationary thermal power plants with a capacity from 10 to 200 MW based on gas piston and combined cycle power plants;

  • Backup complexes for nuclear power plants;

  • Stationary and modular power and thermal plants based on gas piston and diesel engines with a capacity of up to 50 MW.


Completed Projects
salehard.JPG Customer: Salekhard energy, OJSC
Electric power: 14MW
Heat power: 14MW
Engines: Cummins
Engine number: 8
Fuel:gas Mode: continuous
Year of construction: 2009
Location: Salekhard Town
sahalin.jpg Customer: CTSD Ltd, Japan
Electric power: 19.2MW  
Heat power: 8MW  
Engines: Cummins  
Engine number: 12  
Fuel: diesel  
Mode: continuous  
Year of construction: 2005  
Location: Sakhalin Island