Solutions for complex fuel types

Power plants operating on associated petroleum gas (APG)

Associated petroleum gas is a form of natural gas which is found with deposits of petroleum (either dissolved in the oil or as a free ‘gas cap’ above the oil in the reservoir). It might seem that there can be various types of APG utilization. However, only the following options are found in the reachable but still remote fields:

  • Gas preparation and supply using compressor stations in the gas pipeline;

  • Thermal and electric power generation using gas piston or gas turbine units;

  • An integrated option: thermal and electric power generation on deposits for the station own needs and transportation of the gas excess to the consumer.

During the analysis of the technical and economic indicators of various options, it is crucial to consider capital investments, operating costs and other indicators, taking into account the field’s entire exploitation period. 

Power generation is one of the most effective ways of APG utilization. This option enables to not only solve a gas utilization problem (although only partially) but also to get back the money invested in the project, obtaining the profit by reducing the cost of electricity purchasing. 

Manufacture of the local power generators for providing own needs and increase of the efficiency and reliability of the power supply became one of the most promising development directions of the Russian power engineering sphere.

Power generation is an effective way of APG utilization and operational costs reduction

Since 2001 the team of ZVEZDA-ENERGOCOMPLEX has commissioned 20 objects operating on the associated petroleum gas. Apart from the main equipment manufacture and shipment, the specialized systems of gas preparation and heat utilization were developed by the technical specialists of the Company. 

The enterprise offers turnkey comprehensive solutions based on gas piston and gas turbine units for various APG compositions, including those containing high sulphureted hydrogen. The integrated systems for the APG handling developed by the Company allow to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of generating equipment operation, even when major changes in the composition and quality of APG are made during its production (which is unavoidable).

We deal with the most challenging tasks concerning APG utilization

Power plants operating on mine methane 

The mine methane is often associated with a danger that is inseparable from coal mining. However, if utilized correctly, mine methane becomes quite a promising and valuable fuel type. This gas has many names: coal-bed methane, coal seam gas, coal mine methane but the most common one is mine methane. The gas in question is colorless and odorless but forms explosive compounds with an air. In addition to methane, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen and other elements may also be included in mine methane. Currently ZVEZDA-ENERGOCOMPLEX has developed the technological and technical solutions that allow the mine methane to be used as a fuel for power generation. 

According to the experts’ estimations, the mine methane is a promising, local power source which is of a top-quality and environmentally-friendly 

Vorkutaugol, JSC project of the thermal power plant operating on the mine methane
The Company has carried out a project on designing, manufacturing, commissioning and shipment of a block modular gas piston thermal power plant that is being operated on mine methane. The power plant in question is intended for the standalone power supply of the Severnaya mine. The electric and thermal power of the station is 16 MW. 

The project of the gas piston station was nominated and won the ‘Best Project Concerning Alternative Power Engineering’ award. The award was organized by the Association of a Small Scale Power Engineering of Ural (the city of Chelyabinsk) and took place in the framework of the national prize ‘Small scale power engineering – big achievements’. In addition to that, the project of a power plant commissioned by the Company has also won an Honorary Diploma and a silver medal at the Best Exhibit competition held as a part of the 22 International Specialized Exhibition ‘Russian Coal and Mining 2015’ in Novokuznetsk (nomination - Development and Implementation of New Technological Equipment for the Coal Industry).  

Thermal power plant for the Vorkutaugol has received the highest award, being nominated for the Best Project Concerning Alternative Power Engineering

Consideration of the mine methane special characteristics 
The volume of the emitted gas depends on the method of the coal mining, the range of location from the production of the gas-bearing arrays, geological and physical characteristics of the layers. Mine gas is an excellent energy fuel, however, its calorific ability depends largely on the concentration of methane in it. 
Mine gas, depending on the method of its capture, has several features:

  • It is contaminated with the coal dust; wide distribution of impurities by linear sizes (from 0,01 to 1000 micrometers;
  • The level of humidity reaches 100% when the water ring vacuum pumps are used; 
  • When rotary gas blowers are used it has a temperature of up to +125 ° C;
  • Regardless to the capturing means, it has a low pressure at the vacuum pumping station exit (from 0,2 to 0,4 barg). This implies the use of larger diameter gas pipelines (from 200 to 600 mm). 

The discussed above features were taken into account by the team of ZVEZDA-ENERGOCOMPLEX while working on the gas handling technology for the Vorkutaugol project. 

Delivery set for Vorkutaugol, JSC included:
  • 2 gas piston thermal power plants manufactured by ZVEZDA-ENERGOСOMPLEX with a capacity of 6 and 10 MW respectfully (the plants were produced on the basis of the MWM engines with a unit capacity of 2 MW);
  • Gas handling units;
  • Heat recovery system;
  • Plants’ automated control systems.

Today the issue of mine gas utilization in coal mining is becoming more and more important, especially due to the growing need to address climate, ecology, environmental protection and industrial safety problems. 
Based on the provided above information, it becomes absolutely clear that the use of the coal mine gas for energy generation purposes is a rather complex engineering task which requires not only designing and constructing a power plant but also developing gas handling systems and optimizing the work modes of the plant.

The high engineering potential and rich experience allows us to develop various solutions, taking into account specialized commissioning requirements of a power plant and individual needs of a customer.

Completed Projects
ritek.JPG Customer: RITEK JSC  
Electric power: 15MW (7,5 +7,5MW)  
Engines: Cummins  
Engine number: 10  
Fuel: associated gas  
Mode: continuous  
Year of delivery: 2005, 2007  
Location: Sredne-Khulymskoe field
bashneft.jpg Customer: JSOC Bashneft
Electric power: 12MW  
Engines: Cummins  
Engine number: 8  
Fuel: associated gas
Mode: continuous  
Year of delivery: 2007  
Location: Kirsko-Kottynskoe field