Turnkey power plant construction

Construction of large scale facilities for various purposes is a serious, responsible task for a general design contractor. Not only does a contractor need to meet the deadlines, using all possible means, but also the project must be carried out in compliance with the standards of quality and reliability. Therefore, one must carefully choose the general contractor.
ZVEZDA-ENERGOCOMPLEX possesses all the necessary recourses to successfully carry out large-scale projects.

Our advantages:

  • Rich experience in construction power facilities;

  • Highly qualified staff of designers and technical specialists;

  • High-tech material base, including our own modular equipment production and test benches;

  • Specially developed effective energy solutions for various industries.

Construction carried out by ZVEZDA-ENERGOCOMPLEX implies:

  • Best due dates and continuous operations supervision;

  • Finding the best suppliers, procurement process and component delivery supervision to the construction site;

  • No need to interact with builders, designers and other contracting organizations;

  • Quality control and management on all construction stages;

  • Cutting-edge technology;

  • Guarantee of quality.

ZVEZDA-ENERGOCOMPLEX, LLC offers a full range of services concerning energy facilities construction: from consultations and feasibility studies to post-warranty maintenance and staff training.

The highly qualified team of the Company has gained a rich experience in diesel and gas piston power plants construction (of various capacities and forms). The main principles of ZVEZDA-ENERGOCOMPLEX include customer orientation and an individual approach to each of our projects. These allow to develop energy systems that meet all the requirements of the customer: technical, economic and operational ones.

Energy systems produced by ZVEZDA-ENERGOCOMPLEX meet all the requirements of the customer: technical, economic and operational ones