ZVEZDA-ENERGOCOMPLEX is one of a few companies in Russia that effectively combines the advantages of the foreign equipment, reliability and inexpensive installation of the readily made units in Russia and modern project administration.

The company also builds diesel generator sets of the average and high capacities for the Russian market. The company has all the necessary resources for successfully carrying out the projects: rich experience of constructing power objects, highly qualified staff, high-tech material and technical base, including its own modular equipment production and a test bench, specially designed for different industries. 

Customer-orientation is the priority for ZVEZDA-ENERGOCOMPLEX. The Company's distinctive feature is an individual approach to each of the project which enables the specialists to develop energy systems that fully meet the customer’s requirements for technical, economical and operational characteristics. The main advantage of the Company is the ability to provide the full range of services on the creation of a power plant: from design to exploitation.

High quality of the produced units and services, reliable power supply, unconditional leadership.
Among the Company’s key competencies are:
  1. Construction of the stationary, modular power stations and thermal power stations with a capacity of up to 200 MW;
  2. Development of the design and estimate documentation for the construction of the cable and overhead power lines of up to 220 kV capacity, all voltage classes distribution substations, converter complexes, and devices for the automation and protective relay;
  3. Reconstruction and building of the networks’ objects;
  4. Design and construction of container power plants with a capacity of up to 5500 kW, including heat recovery;
  5. Automated process control system for various industry areas;
  6. Installation and commissioning works of the power plants,  operation and maintenance of the constructed facilities;
  7. Opportunities for renting power plants;
  8. Shipment of the spare parts, tools and accessories to the customer;
  9. Training of the staff.

The quality management system of ZVEZDA-ENERGOCOMPLEX is fully certified for compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 international standard and Russian GOST R ISO 9001-2015